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Please visit these sites to find your local Children’s Advocacy Centers.

Desirae and Deondra Brown, creators of the Foundation for Surviving Abuse, have a mission to use the experience of survivors of sexual abuse as a tool to educate the general public and state legislators of the unjust laws regarding statutes of limitation for these crimes. The negative affects these laws have on individuals who have had so much stolen from them are extensive and long-lasting. They are working together with many state and national abuse organizations to remove the time limit on justice and healing for survivors everywhere, while using their voices to protect the most innocent from further harm.

For more information on what they are doing and to join the cause please visit

One with Courage is a national initiative centered around the courage it takes to talk about child sexual abuse and the unique role children’s advocacy centers play in providing comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate services to child victims of abuse.


Prevent Child Abuse America lays the groundwork to deliver the great childhoods that all children deserve. They promote services that improve child well-being in all 50 states and develop programs that help to prevent all types of abuse and neglect.

National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is the national association and accrediting body for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs).  Formed in 1988, NCA has been providing support, technical assistance, and quality assurance for CACs, while serving as a voice for abused children for more than 25 years.  A children’s advocacy center is a child-friendly facility in which law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal from abuse, and hold offenders accountable.

END THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on crimes of sexual abuse today.

only 10 states have joined the cause. click here to see if your state is PROVIDing JUSTICE & HEALING FOR SURVIVORS OF ABUSE.

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