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As seen in the documentary, Deondra Brown advocates to have a 3-year window instated by the Utah State Legislature for survivors of abuse to come forward. In short, if the statutes of limitations had passed, survivors would now have 3 years to come forward and try to prosecute. Deondra's efforts were successful and after passage of the bill this woman came forward:

Murder trial witness on alleged 1981 rape by prosecutor: 'He derailed my life'


which then led to this...

Facing Lawsuit, Ex-Judge Urges Court to Strike Law to Protect Child Sexual Abuse Victims


March 23, 2018

Three Billboards Call Out Sexual Abuse


March 2, 2018

Julianne Moore: It's time to finally deliver justice for New York's child sex abuse survivors


February 27, 2018

Utah victims say N.Y. kid abuse laws too weak, join fight to enact Child Victims Act

August 31, 2016
NPR: How Snapchat Became A Virtual Confessional For Sexual Assault Victims

August 24, 2016
Leonard Greene, California nearing landmark change to sex-crime statute of limitations as New York lawmakers lag behind 

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